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Thread: Community, how to meet fellow DJ/producers.

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    Community, how to meet fellow DJ/producers.


    So I am a beginner in the Dj/production business. I would love to meet some likeminded people! I feel like nowadays is harder and harder to meet people especially with interests like ours!

    I'm very slowly fulfilling my goals by learning, practising and devoting huge part of my time to dj/production and I feel like the process is slow - sometimes consistency is missing due to the fact that the motivation is not always the same, not trying to find tons of excuses...
    Just wondering if there are people out there who are willing to learn from each other, share their knowledge or simply talk about the things we do music wise as it might be inspiring to others or simply exchange our experience so far.

    My ultimate goals are simple:
    - to have/produce my own trance album,
    - to get to the point where I would be able to have my own Trance gigs (in public ) currently only in my living room ))

    I'm not talking here becoming second Arming van Buuren just achieving level of fluency, professionalism that will allow me do the above things comfortably with ease without embarrassing myself
    Trying to make myself proud no hoping for anything else, anything else is just a positive supprise.

    My beloved music genre is TRANCE and realted - progressive, uplifting, vocal etc... love some good classic techno as well.

    How do you reach nowadays to people?
    How do you guys grow if not through inspiration and help of other people?

    If you are positive likeminded person that I'm talking about above hit me up let get in touch!

    Cheers form Austin Texas!
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