Hi all, I have had a Xone DB4 now for about 5 years and use it both for DVS to control Traktor and standalone with a pair of denon sc5000s or vinyl. It's a great mixer and I love the ability to switch the eqs to high and low pass filters per channel. I use the midi to control traktor transport control but other than that I dont use the inbuilt effects or any other midi functions. I play drum & bass and so I use the vcfs a lot, and have always wanted to try a xone 92 for the 4 band eq and analogue sound but I didn't want to have to buy an audio box for traktor DVS.

It seems now with the 96 that I can get a xone 92 mixer with built in sound card but also with the analogue sound. I'm seriously tempted to swap my db4 for one as it probably suits my mixing style more but I'm not sure. Has anyone got experience with them back to back?