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Thread: Mileage?

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    Any folks keep track of this regularly for tax purposes? Do you need to really list odometer readings? Do you only count one-way trips or do you count both directions, i.e., if a gig is 24 miles away from my home, can I claim 48? Thanks.

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    My minivan is dedicated to my business; no personal use, so all I do is subtract last year’s odometer reading from this year’s to get mileage. But if you use your personal vehicle, you must keep odometer readings for all trips for your DJ business, and you can use trips both to and from your DJ gigs.

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    I keep mileage. It has to be realistic - a few miles of error isn't going to be checked by the authorities. Googlemaps is your friend. In fact as it is tracking you all the time, it is easy to check records.
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