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Thread: Boss de 20 space echo help

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    Boss de 20 space echo help

    HI, would anybody be able to advise me please .
    I am a vinyl only bedroom DJ , my set up is Technics 1210s ,ecler nuo 2 mixer-- which does have a send return fx port on rear --- KRK rokit g6 active speakers ,I would like to introduce delay reverb into my mixing of dub techno, reggae, plus lots of other styles . After scouring the web , i found the BOSS DE 20 SPACE ECHO PEDAL ,does anybody have any experience using this pedal hooked up to a mixer like mine ,some info on the web says to use with mixer you need a di box ???? to change the signal ,because its made for a instrument and the signal is low and
    other opinions say you dont just plug it in and the levels are fine
    Also looked at siren boxes ,but it seems they need to be used in conjunction with a pedal , also looked at the BENIDUB SIREN ds71 , but its out of my price range and do not know if s
    separate pedal is needed .
    I do not use software or laptop so looking for something that will just plug into my mixer , i was looking for something analogue, but the boss pedal seems to have good reviews for creating sounds like the original The Roland RE-201 Space Echo ,would like something simple to help with transitions between different styles of music ,any advice would be appreciated thanks dubpunk.

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    Yes you could use an instrument effect pedal like that one and no you don't need a DI to connect it to your mixer, you do want a stereo effect though and you might also consider a mult-effects unit so that you have more than one type of effect to use.
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    Hi, I have a Boss RE 20 Space Echo hooked-up to my dub siren which was made by Troots Effects based in France (he sells through fb ect, and makes to order) - he does a few different price-ranges, I got mine about 10 years ago for about 80. Hope this helps!

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