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Thread: Time to turn it up a notch

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    Thatís a great perspective and I really appreciate the feedback.
    Ya the pocket scans are a 100w halogen, Iím not sure what an equivalent LED would be, but I do feel underpowered there.
    The stand or truss system is also something I feel I need, but am going to have to save for.
    The plus side is all the gear is paid for, I always save up to buy gear.

    It is more of a hobby than anything , but like you said itís the labor that just kills me. By the time I load, unload, setup, gear down... itís an all day event for me.
    If I can figure out a way to load in and out quickly, that may help.

    Now.... how do I get the gigs

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    Here's what I tell people about getting gigs.

    Get your name out there.
    Business cards
    Brochures, etc
    Bridal shows
    Social media

    If I mention bicycle, what brand pops in your head without thinking of it?
    The reason is because they have pounded their name in your head not only through advertising & making it the most recognizable name in the industry, but because they have been around for 100+ years (a long time).
    My point is, it ain't gonna happen over night. It takes a long time & a lot of dedication to getting your name recognizable in your area.

    Your presentation when talking to people. Understand the needs of your client, not just your needs as a business owner. You need to be able to focus on the client & assure them you are there for their needs. You cant do that until you put yourself in their shoes & know what you would expect from a DJ in their situation.
    You've got to make sure they know you are confident & experienced in their event. If they see that you are just another DJ, they'll hire a cheaper guy that can do just as good of a job for them at a cheaper rate. If you charge more than the competition, you need to convince your client that there is a difference between "cheap" & "low priced".
    This is all about delivery, confidence & how well you can convince the client that you are better for their event than the next guy.... even if you do cost more.
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