Hi, just wondered how often you think about DJ'ing?

I own and DJ my own clubnight that operates around 10 times per year but in multiple cities

I am also a Saturday night resident club DJ in a 1500 capacity venue ( I play every 2nd week in a rota with another DJ)

I find myself constantly thinking about DJ'ing. I'd say every 15/20 times per day at least i sit and ponder....my current music, what better remixes i can try to find, my clubnight, new clubnight venues, upcoming gigs, other DJ ventures etc etc

Some days its less , but in general its pretty constant.

So much so, i worry its taking over my life mentally to a slight extent.

I have no kids - i am 36 years old - I have a wife (who still gets attention) - i have a 'normal' job also...but often find myself day-dreaming about DJ stuff.

I still go out with friends and family (Those times i can slightly detach my brain from it all)

Is it whats required to do well ? Is it something other DJ's can relate to ?

Opinions welcome.

How much do you spend mentally thinking about it ? Is this normal for a working DJ?