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Thread: How often do you think about DJ段ng ???

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    How often do you think about DJ段ng ???

    Hi, just wondered how often you think about DJ'ing?

    I own and DJ my own clubnight that operates around 10 times per year but in multiple cities

    I am also a Saturday night resident club DJ in a 1500 capacity venue ( I play every 2nd week in a rota with another DJ)

    I find myself constantly thinking about DJ'ing. I'd say every 15/20 times per day at least i sit and current music, what better remixes i can try to find, my clubnight, new clubnight venues, upcoming gigs, other DJ ventures etc etc

    Some days its less , but in general its pretty constant.

    So much so, i worry its taking over my life mentally to a slight extent.

    I have no kids - i am 36 years old - I have a wife (who still gets attention) - i have a 'normal' job also...but often find myself day-dreaming about DJ stuff.

    I still go out with friends and family (Those times i can slightly detach my brain from it all)

    Is it whats required to do well ? Is it something other DJ's can relate to ?

    Opinions welcome.

    How much do you spend mentally thinking about it ? Is this normal for a working DJ?


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    If you have a "normal" job... You're not thinking about DJ'ing enough.

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    How often do you think about DJ段ng ???

    Someone once said; 典oo much of anything can kill ya, or something to that effect.😄 Perhaps it applies here? I enjoy DJing and think about it quite a lot too, but I知 retired and DJ in order to remain active. My wife works and I知 home all day with my two dogs, so unless I知 cooking or cleaning, there痴 a good chance I知 thinking about or messing with DJ stuff. When I worked full time, I may have had moments when I thought about something else (other than work), but not many. When you池e old (like me) you get philosophical and you realize balance in life is very important. If you think you池e thinking about DJing too much, you probably are, but good luck trying NOT to think about it as much.😄

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    I'd say that I think about music all of the time but not necessarily DJ'ing per se. To be honest, I'm more interested in the writing, composing, performing, recording, mixing and mastering processes than I am in the replaying aspects of music. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being behind the decks (I play vinyl & DVS) and it's nice to remember how I felt when I made a nice transition (not often the case, I really should practice) or got a big reaction from the party goers (which is a much more likely occurrence than nailing an unplanned, unpracticed mix first time) but it's the music itself that gives me the most pleasure.

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    I don't think I can even begin to measure the time thought anything, much less Djing.

    I have a lot of creative outlets that are essential to my well being - DJing is just one of them.

    I think about producing a lot more than playing.

    I am starting a new downtempo/hip hop/dnb podcast - I have to add some new things all the time so I can stay on point. I guess I have a considerable amount of time pondering that.

    Also - I think it is said that to be a master of your craft you have to work on it for 1k hours. That does not include thinking about it, though.

    15/25 times a day - that's not a lot really. To put it into perspective, it is estimated that you touch your face 2500 - 3000 times a day.

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    Why do you think you are thinking about it too much? If you think you are, there is a reason you think you are.

    Is it interfering with other aspects of your life? Does it interfere with your other work?

    I am not saying anything about your management skills but;
    Some people are just good at management... various types of management.
    Time management maybe an issue for you for example.

    Maybe having two jobs is too much for you. The DJ business maybe more involved that you realize. In other words, if its taking this much management/planning, you may have too much going on & this is where time management comes in.
    Possibly the DJ business is too stressful for you. It has become a burden... a worry.

    Confidence or at least "lack" of confidence could be your problem. Maybe your worrying because your just not sure you have made the right decision about something.

    Maybe your like me, too detailed. A perfectionist. Its got to be right or I wont do it. I insist that everyone involved be on the same page. Straight answers. No "off the cheek" answers. Give it to me straight up so I KNOW that we are on the same page. Just leaving a question unanswered assuming that I just understand, ain't the way I do it. "Assuming" ain't a word that I will accept. We are going to understand one another straight up or I wont start it. I need a plan. I need to be confident of the plan. I'm a truck driver (18 wheeler), even planning a trip to some place in a city I've been to, I use & compare 3 maps & then use Google Earth to know what it looks like & whats around it, how I am going to get into the property, where the docks are etc. I NEED TO PLAN & have a GOOD plan. I will not attempt anything half way. If we don't have a plan... a good plan... a plan I feel confident about... I ain't going to be a part of it.
    So, if your too detailed, this could be an issue for you.

    It could be that you're very good... comfortable... with your other job but may not be able to manage you DJ business with the same amount of confidence.
    Just because your smart, doesn't mean your as good with history & you are with math. The DJ business just may be something more detailed & harder for you to manage than your other job.

    Worrying about something as much as it appears you do about the DJ business, will give you a heart attack. Then you can add something else to worry about.

    You may need to evaluate your priorities & get a realistic life plan.
    The best outcome is that maybe you need to sell the DJ business or hire a manager to do the worrying for you. Let him do it, take a load off your mind. You may need to take on a partner. Maybe you need to resign your other job & focus on DJing full time. Make it 20 club nights a year... or maybe 25. Only you will be able to make this decision. But, you may need an outside ear to listen & help you make that final decision on your own. Involve your wife. Have a sit down with her & ask her what she thinks about the situation. Talk to uncle Joe, or someone else you trust that you trust to give you good advice.

    In the end, its not whether I think your thinking about it too much.... its whether YOU think your thinking about it too much.

    Good luck.
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    i think my DJ radar never really turns off, even when i took an almost 10 year break from DJing i was still treating music as such that i might one day use it for DJing.
    its just second nature. theres no difference between me thinking about DJing and not thinking about it LOL its like one of those processes that just runs quietly in the background on your computer.

    i think you (OP) are probably just a little obsessed with DJing at the moment, maybe you are new to it. theres nothing wrong with that, if anyone wants to be good at something obsession is useful
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    I am basically retired spin occasionally private events family gatherings or when i can jump on and play a quick set with other Dj's . I have other interest primarily photography and starting my post retirement HR consultant company.

    But to answer your question I think about DJing often especially when I am out attending events as a guest.
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    music is my life. if its not djing im thinking about producing. mostly producing
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