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Thread: I gave up. Now I am a bottom feeder.

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    I gave up. Now I am a bottom feeder.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Romard View Post
    Bottom line is you have to do what you have to do...I did a 2 hour kids party last night for a couple of hundred bucks. Got the call Thursday I was off for Saturday so why not. My Daughter did most of the work and made a few bucks I made a few bucks for 2 hours of my time. Would this happen in prime wedding season? Of course not but march is pretty quiet in these parts I only have 2 this month not including that one or the Friday night bar gigs

    It did motivate me a bit that the kids Aunt runs a venue that refers me quite often
    Hi Jeff!!!... Nice to see you here, my friend. I know you well and Iím extremely happy to have you here, but please take a moment to introduce yourself? We have an Introductions subforum in the General forum section.

    ... And youíre not gonna get any criticism from me about doing a kids party for a couple hundred bucks. On the contrary. And being able to do it with your daughter is even better. I wish I had a kid who wanted to help out in my DJ business, but sadly, my daughter is almost your age.😄 I would have no problem taking $200 for a kidís party if I had ANY patience for kids.😄

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchiemasha View Post
    When you show up with what you have, requested as cheap, others think that's what you are, what you have and it's harder to sell your self for more. Every event you do is an advertisement for the next. You're minimum package still needs to be good. Bolt ons are the best way to get a little more cash, you need to find ideas that will interest them. And, price them better. If people want to save money get them to reduce the time. To make it not look like you're a lazy DJ, have little request slips or something, wrote on it "DJ starts at 9". If there's 2 rooms, make it so they can't go in that room until later.

    I'd never get a "real" job but there's a lot of other ways to earn more money. Especially things you can do while auditioning new music, the main part of our job, what takes the most time, that many so called DJ's don't do.
    I understand what you're saying I do tend to agree with you. I want my setup to look as good as I can make it.... providing what the client wants/needs/can afford.

    But here's the thing. I have seen many times on this forum where people fuss & fuss about a DJ showing up without lights. Look, not every event needs lights. I agree, lights are needed in most situations but not in every situation. If an event is outside at 2:00 pm... what the heck are lights gonna do? You can't see them. They have no effect what-so-ever. They're useless. So if you already have them in your package, are you going to set them up just because? OR, are you going to charge the client extra for lights that are useless? The answer for both, for me is no. I think if I seen a DJ set up dance lighting out side for an event in day light, I'd think he's stupid.
    Lets say that a girl is getting married in doors but is only two hours for the whole event & there will be little to no dancing? Do you set up lighting? No.

    Grandma is having her 80th birthday. The kids will come but probably wont stay & probably wont dance. Set up dance lighting? No.

    I have a 1964 high school reunion coming up next month for 6 1/2 hours. The client chose not to add dance lighting & I agree. There will be some dancing, mostly slower dancing but not a hard throw down like a frat party. For the effect that dance lighting is going to provide for this situation, is just throwing money away to add them.

    Down here in the south, we have a big presence of Southern Baptists. They tell me that hard core Southern Baptists don't dance. (I disagree because I was raised SB & I have danced most of my adult life.) So, a girl has a wedding that is 5 hours but doesn't expect much dancing. Some of her Catholic friends from work will show up & expect to party till sun up. However, the client doesn't expect any dancing & the family doesn't get in to the dance scene. So, do I sell her dance lighting? Absolutely not. Although there are 200 people at the wedding, & some expect to dance, and some younger millennial's look at my set up & wonder, why the cheap DJ didn't even bring lights to a wedding!?!? Because this is the brides event.... not their event. Its not my event, its the brides event. If the complainers want lights at their event, I'll provide lights.... for a fee. But ONLY if they choose to have lights. Not every event needs, wants or can afford lights. Every event is different & requires different needs. Every bride is different, therefore every wedding is different.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dix View Post
    But here's the thing. I have seen many times on this forum where people fuss & fuss about a DJ showing up without lights.
    The bolt on doesn't need to be lights, I never specified that. You can make yourself look high quality with very minimal and even no lights. I agree completely with your stand point. I just want to highlight my words "You need to find ideas that interest them". That can be all sorts of things, even currently unthought of, it's up to each individual to figure out what's best to take their business forward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Bobcat View Post
    Youíre right... Thatís why being a bottom feeder isnít SO bad. There is no lower you can go unless youíre a free DJ.😄
    I agree. I prefer it at the bottom. No responsibility! No pressure!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatcatdj View Post
    ...I'm also thinking about getting a full time job... I'm going to do a few more gigs, while selling off some gear and then call it quits.
    Unfortunately, the reality is very few people can make a living DJing full time.
    If you are blessed to play at festivals regularly or are a marquee-name DJ traveling the world - it is difficult to make a comfortable living solely in this profession.

    I empathize with your frustration and wish you luck moving forward.
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    Here's my new promo for my crappy $250 wedding package. Enjoy!

    Here's the promo for my $500 package:
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