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Thread: The First Battle of 2019!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark_Spit View Post
    Woo-hoo! Won my first DJF comp!

    Thanks for the vote and the kind words Pete, and whomever voted for me too - thank you!

    I quite liked Mix C as those breaks had me shakin' my ass while I cleaned the house the other day. I didn't know any of the tracks, but I like breaks and thought the mix flowed well through out.

    I thought Mix A was rather risky as I also wasn't familiar with the genre or the tracks and it's tempo was pretty laid back. Gotta give the DJ props for taking a chance.

    Now my mix I originally thought I played a little too safe - popular house and hip-hop tracks. I also got a little sloppy during the last 3 mixes as my nerves got to me. It's been a really long time since I recorded a mix and had to do maybe 15 or so takes before I finally was satisfied with the final result.

    The Lady Gaga track totally threw me for a loop. Mixing out of it was easy and I was surprised how well it went with The Creator. Mixing into it was the problem as I had to effect the crap out of the out-going track to smoothen the transition.

    Thanks again for the votes guys! I appreciate the confidence boost!

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    Congrats I voted for u!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark_Spit View Post
    Woo-hoo! Won my first DJF comp!
    Nice one.


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    Ah I missed this. Gonna have to listen to em all whenever I get some time and see what I like best!

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