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Thread: Rek Aviles - Howl (Original Mix)

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    Nice kick drum. Not sure on the opening chords. They build very nice but I feel like they clash tonally with the kick. The breakdown gets a bit too resonant for my taste but I like the overall feel. Kick drum feels a bit lost when it comes back in but maybe that's me being a stickler for that sort of thing. Definitely feel like the chords need to be pulled back a bit due to the resonant peaks. Not sure that melody really adds to the overall peace, it sounds a bit off key but if that's what you're going for have at it. Nice outtro.

    Don't take my comments too seriously. I'm just trying to give honest feedback! If I remember correctly I think we had a trance battle back in about 2010, if you remember that? lol. I've a track up by the way. Would be grateful for any opinions you have on it. Tear it to shreds if you must! lol

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    thanks, Squeak. 'm just now running into this reply. I think I was going for that sharp sound by the end of it but I spent 90% of the time on the kick. I would probably bounce the chords and manually adjust the volume to tone it down but I don't think i'll be revisiting this one.

    I'm forcing myself to change styles and this was outside of my norm. Thanks for the listen.

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