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    Good day

    A lot done today.

    John and I installed 59 rigging points, 32 LED floods, 20 incandesents and media.

    A couple hours tomorrow to adjust and tweek. Party at 5:30

    Loaded out by 12 noon Sunday.

    Thank you and good night.
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    Do you two run the lights during the event too?
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    It is a static event lighting wise. I arrive a half hour before the event start and turn everything on. My only worry after that is to balance the one wireless mic for the Emcee to use every 15 minutes for announcements. I do a empty sound check and adjust during the announcements as the evening unfolds.

    Mostly I'm at one of the gaming tables, buffet or bar.

    Final numbers below.

    BGCNN's 2019 Casino Night is in the books.

    20 man hour load in, 6 out and put away.

    59 rigging point - 32 LED fixtures - 20 incandescent - 1 media - sound with wireless mic in a 7,000 sq ft space.

    Great crew.
    Lighting, Sound & Video since 1973

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    Lighting, Sound & Video since 1973

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