Hello, everybody.

Signed up here to kick around ideas, get options on equipment and share experience. I've got about a 4 year background in hosting (MC-ing?) events, both public and private, and am interested in moving in to VO work. Not sure that's the *exact* fit for what the forum was designed for, but I thought that it would either be "close enough", or some would know a better place for me to kick around at. Let me know!

My bread and butter up to this point has been hosting weekly games of trivia at local bars & pubs, as well as a few private events (Christmas parties and such). More recently I've also hosted other party games such as Cards Against Humanity. Frankly, it's worked out better than I thought it might have. I'm in Wyoming so the turnouts haven't been anything too wild, but I've had an acceptable level of success with it, and honestly I just love the limelight. I've moved from borrowing equipment, to owning a modest setup, which I'm always looking for opinions to expand upon and broaden my horizons.

I'm generally laid back and easygoing, but have a sense of humor that flows well into holding a mic and having to talk for a couple hours straight and keep a crowd engaged without being "that guy", if you catch my meaning. Despite this, I have a ferociously high level of expectations for myself and my work, and frequently have to talk myself down from trying to solve problems that I see in my gigs, even though few to no other people would notice or care. I have to admit, I find it odd that something I enjoy so much can also be a fairly lucrative side gig, but I try to provide an experience that matches the expectations of everyone involved. I have a modest background in IT, which is a good foundation to build on as I head out into the basics of sound engineering. It's coming along slowly, but it's coming along.

The two things I'm looking to expand into are more frequent private gigs, as well as VO work (both for my personal use and for clients). If anyone has experience in those fields, I'm always open to listening to new opinions as I think experience is the best teacher, and drawing of the experience of others is rarely a losing bet. In the near future, I'd like to see myself holding a respectable position in both of those ventures, and am willing to put in the work to achieve that level of success.

Anyways, hopefully that didn't come off too pretentious. The bottom line is I think we're all here to have fun and make money. Glad to be aboard and hoping to meet some new, friendly faces here. Thanks for having me!