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Thread: Gemini G4V + Audio 8 Quality vs Numark NS6 II + Audio 8 Quality

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    Gemini G4V + Audio 8 Quality vs Numark NS6 II + Audio 8 Quality

    Hi there,
    I would like to know if is woth it to invest double the price of the controller I have to upgrade to a Numark NS6 2.
    I love my actual Gemini G4V but sometimes it cut of Quality out of the traks , even using the NI Audio 8 Soundcard. I guess it might be a matter of just processing because I'm mixing internal and sending the master signal out of the Audio8 not the controller it self.
    Will changing my controller to the Numark improove sound quality even using same audio card?
    (I know the Numark NS2 is made for Serato but I have read that other people have map it to work with Traktor. I guess this should make it work with the Audio8 too but not Shure)
    Help please.
    Thank you~

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    Nope, if you are mixing internal and sending it out through the Audio 8, then the sound you are getting is not affected by the controller at all.. you are getting the sound of the Audio 8. If you're not happy with your sound then you might want to look at the quality of the files you are playing.. if your files are compressed (mp3, aac etc), then you might want to start getting lossless (WAV, AIFF, FLAC etc) files. Or if you want to stick with mp3, make sure your files are the highest bitrate mp3.. 320K. Also consider the possibility that it is your sound system that needs to be improved...

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