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    Question What to do

    After I did a transition and my song is playing, I make sure the next song is ready, but after I did that, what can I do beside dancing a bit . What kind of effects can I use?

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    Good question. Look for possible next tunes, talk to people, have a drink, smoke if you're allowed to etc... At a venue I used to play there were strobe&smoke machine controls in the booth but at home you most likely don't have stuff like that to play with (and it can be annoying if you overdo it)

    On karaoke nights I'd arrange/keep the queue tidy and do all sorts of (mental/physical) housekeeping.. I would keep off the smartphone though if you're playing out because many consider it rude and unprofessional but I've checked and even updated my social media feed (FB, IG etc) during a gig.

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    If you are playing in front of an audience you should be watching them taking notice of whether or the songs are working. You should be choosing the next song based off of the crowds reaction. You should also be thinking 2 to 3 songs ahead.
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