Hi guys! I'm pretty new on this board and have directly first question on you. I'm looking for my very first DVS. There are 3 systems on the market today which are interested for me.

1. Denon DS1 with Serato Dj Pro
2. Native Instruments Traktor Scratch A6 with Traktor Pro 3
3. PIONEER INTERFACE 2 with Rekordbox DJ as Software

Well, I'm already using Traktor Pro for many years and glad about it. But with DVS I might to mix up different sources in one set, Vinyl and Wave / mp3, or whatever. Now I'll try to describe my thoughts about pros and contras in my opinion and hope, you guys can help me with decision.

1. Denon DS1
- Serato Dj Pro and compatible hardware (Many main club mixers are working fine just after plug and play the laptop)
- Manufactures are claming about low latency
- Simple and straight user expirience
- Vertical waveform ui which helps mixing visually
- No power adapter connector (If I'll shut the laptop, no sound is going thru)
- No galvanic separation of connectors which can cause background noises
- Not so flexibel for setting up diverse midi controllers
- No inputs and no possibilities for mix recording with that interface

2. NI Traktor Scratch A6
- Traktor Pro 3 (great and highly configurable software)
- Works with plethora of midi controllers
- Time code vinyl is not so expensive
- Great FX
- Does have input chanel which gives posibility for recording of current mixtape
- Latency might be greater than by Serato
- Not so much information about play thru without working laptop
- Loudness of playing in thru mode is quiter as digital mode

3. Pioneer Dj Interface 2
- Rekordbox does have very flexible settings and librarian functions
- Pioneer software is well established
- Interface is delivered with power supply and might play after laptop is closed
- It's possible to map diverse midi controllers
- Pioneer is claming to have minimal latency
- Preamps quality by playing in thru mode is terrible
- Time code vinyl might be
- No inputs and no possibilities for mix recording with that interface

So, what is your tool of choice and why? What are your pros and contras? Thank you in advance!