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Thread: advice on subs in uk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manu View Post
    but I am not amused to have witnessed my money being worth less, .
    This simply isn't true. I gave an example, the Denon MC7000, pretty much what I'd class as the standard for a DJ controller, 656... That price is unbelievable. It's never been cheaper. I presume the same will be for some decent subs too. We also have our own companies like Martin Audio, Void... Decent quality brands.

    The only thing that annoys me is how little interest the banks pay... then I realise how much less the banks in America pay. Now really is the time for the underdog. We just need the big landlords to start letting those empty high street properties go instead of holding on to them dropping to bits as a tax offset and...
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    Quite right, but hey, some of the big landlords are tories, and voted massively against more landlord restrictions... You're very right about the landlords, when they're not letting it go down, they're charging a ton and a half, then the shops have to pay council business tax.

    I'm sure some products prices have remained equal, but in the DJ business it is also Denon's strategy not to ask as much as pioneer (hint hint pio is dear). I'm sure OP could score something very decent in the second hand market. I am on one of those musicians pages and there is quality gear for sale all the time.

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