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Thread: Hardware MIDI transpose

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    Hardware MIDI transpose

    Sup DJF,

    I'm basically looking to transpose MIDI notes from a synth arpeggiator into a drum machine bass synth. So far I've worked this around by tuning the arpeggiator synth oscillators but while googling I stumbled across MIDI Solutions Event Processor which I believe could do something like this (the processors seem to do a lot of things like transpose, note length etc to filing tax reports)

    Anyone have any experience using one or finding an alternative solution/workaround? I'm using Novation Mininova into an Akai Rhythm Wolf (which could be potentially hackable)


    EDIT : software converter is pretty much out of the question, as well as DIYing one from a dev board.. hacking the Rhythm Wolf is a bit risky and reprogamming the Mininova is tedious.

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