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Thread: Looking for house/ tech-house hip hop/rap/rnb remixes

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    Looking for house/ tech-house hip hop/rap/rnb remixes

    always have like to use some hip hop and rnb stuff in my sets, if anyone has some suggestions of tracks id appreciate!
    can be old school or new.
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    Post doesn't match the title. Do you want RNB/HIPHOP remixes into a House/Tech House format (title) or RNB/HIPHOP stuff (Post), for your sets to play?

    I play a lot of remixes. Here's some Tech examples, classics remixed.
    Eminem - Shake That (Josh Hunter & Lewis Roper Remix) it's all about mixing it out before the bass line drops, max impact.
    Mat Joe - Love Stream (Original Mix) keep this 1 in the mix for most of it
    Siege - Crunk (Crunk)

    Something newer
    Yogi, Kid Ink, Maleek Berry, Ray Blk - Baby (Ill Blu Remix)
    Mc Fioti - Bum Bum Tam Tam (Jonas Blue Remix)
    Mabel - Fine Line Ft Not3S (James Hype Extended)
    Mabel - One Shot (Alex Ross Extended Mix)
    M O And Lotto Boyzz And Mr Eazi - Bad Vibe (James Hype Remix)
    Lil Dicky ft Chris Brown - Freaky Friday (James Bluck Remix)

    House mash up thing
    Wlady T N Y Richard Grey - In The Club (Gary Caos Edit Mix)
    This one was huge
    Sigala Vs. Usher & Ludacris - Sweet Lovin Yeah! (Discosid Mashup 2016)

    Plenty plenty more commercial Pianos like
    Akon - Belly Dancer (Nathan Jain Remix)
    and bass lines like
    Obd Ft. Kelis - Got Your Money (Dazz 2K16 Remix) Nice little pause for the crowd to chant it.

    Actual Releases
    Ku De Ta - Move Ya Body (Extended Mix)
    Kelis X Freejak - My Milkshake (Extended Mix)

    There's a version of Flow Rida with DJ Friendly intro/outro and Sean Paul Temperature mixes in as original. Manually cue that first percussion sound to the same rhythm of it through the track, start the mix quite late to avoid a vocal clash, switch the bass (might be on the 16, I don't count, you'll know when), switch fully before it's beat drops. Never fails. Use a loop out on the oh ohh! Perfect!!!

    If anyone's interested i'll add more, update the post

    Edit: I forgot... There's even an amazing version of Heldens - GECKO with a hugely popular Female RAP Vocal, the girls love it, boys too. But, you won't find that anywhere... it's exclusive! To myself! lol! Only 1 copy in the world!!!
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    thx bud

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    Here's a few more . Check them out if you have never heard them before.

    YG - My Ni##a (Destructo & Wax Motif Remix)
    Terry Lex, Gianni N & The Ghetto Boys - House Delight
    Migos - Bad & Boujee (Case Of The Mondays Remix)
    Stitches - Mail (ANGELZ Remix)
    D Yum - Get Around
    Clipse - Wamp Wamp (Deekline Remix)

    Hope you find something you like. Cheers !!!!!

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