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Thread: T R A N C A L U C I N A T I O N S "When |Trance| Was Good"

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    T R A N C A L U C I N A T I O N S "When |Trance| Was Good"

    MIXED OFF VINYL New hi Def Remastered

    Trancendental, atmospherics Classics featuring the craft alchemists of these epic, trippy productions from the likes of Oliver Lieb, Brainchild, Quench, PVD, Saltank, Eye Q, Rising High, Pete Namlook, Jam & Spoon, Age of Love, Lunatic Asylumn, Recorded in 32 bit off Lynx L22 converters.
    HI Definition version to be uploaded 6/3/15
    |Mastered| for Soundcloud by Genesis Project
    We Came in Peace
    Age of Love Remix Doc
    dreams quench
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