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Thread: Track Filing

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    Track Filing

    I'm wondering how everyone stores/files their track lists? By BPM, BPM range, Date etc? I sometime find that scrolling through loads of tracks to find the one i want can be a pain and wondered what other people do.
    I currently have Trance Classics & Trance but I have hundreds in each folder.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Why is this posted under Trance?

    Anyway, I tend to keep my tracks for sets in something I call "islands"; tunes that go well together by different themes/moods.

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    I sort my tunes in playlists for what type of track they are such as dirty, funky, progressive, classic, etc.

    Then from those playlists, I arrange by key in serato (I use mixed in key so the key is right before the name of the track)

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    Everything goes in 1 big folder for the year. Further sorting is handled by VDJ. Delete unwanted Promo's from download folder, use tag&nename to tidy everything to your formula, copy folder to main archive friday onroute to event, done, no messing.

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