Hey y'all. I'm starting my lighting setup and I thought I'd share just in case others are on the same adventure.

I'm a mobile DJ and I have a T-bar and a few chauvet lights - a wash (LED bar), a couple of derby lights, a couple of lasers, and a Fazer. So far I've taken cues from this guy:

Seems like a great place to start.

I also bought an Obey 70 controller to mess with individual light controls. In addition, I also purchased an Entec Pro compatible USB-to-DMX interface so that I can run FreeStyler DMX software. My Windows laptop also runs Traktor Pro with a controller and so far CPU or RAM haven't been an issue.

I just figured out how to get FreeStyler to sync to MIDI clock from Traktor Pro, so I'm feeling pretty good. A gig is coming up on Saturday and so I can't wait to use my new lights. Tomorrow is all about getting those sequences and chases.

Anyone other mobile DJs out there running a DMX setup? What software or controller do you use? Has it been reliable?