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Thread: Big News - Technics 1200 MK7

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    Technics did a showcase together with Boiler Room a week ago with top name DJs using the new MK7.
    My favorite was Kenny Dope doing a whole set just using 7" singles

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    +1..I was hoping to see much more of the Technic,..but,watching Kenny turn it (with 7" classic house vinyl ) was even better!!

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    Just thought I'd give this thread a bump to give you guys my impressions on the MK 7 as I just had a bit of hands-on with a stores demo unit. Keep in mind when I say hands-on, I literally mean just putting my hand on the unit and getting a feel for the controls; pitch slider, on / off switch etc. I DID NOT PLAY ANY RECORDS ON IT.

    I'll get right to the point. This is not what a successor to our beloved 1200's should be. A true successor should scream quality, reliability and durability. The MK 7 barely whispers any of that.

    The start / stop button doesn't have the sure-fire feel when pressing it like past 1200's. The top, cast aluminum half of the unit doesn't feel as solid either. It almost seems like its half as thick. The new pop-up light no longer has a separate button beside it to activate it. Instead you simply press down on the top of the light similar to your common ball point pen. This wouldn't be too bad if it was made to a higher quality, but I found it to be rather flimsy - dare I say it reminded me of my old Gemini XL1800 target lights. Not confidence inspiring.

    Now on to arguably the most important function; the pitch slider. Its smooth - for the most part. But I found there were some rough feeling areas through out the pitch range, kind of like there was an accumulation of dust inside the body of the slider. However this was a brand new unit. The store actually took it out of the box right in front of me, so dust was certainly not the issue.

    To make matters worse the store had the $4000 GR on display which I played around with as well. The pitch on that is smoother than any TT I've ever touched. The GR on a whole is totally on another level. Everything oozes quality, reliability and durability. As far as I'm concerned, the GR is the true successor to the 1200 series, it's just too bad it's out of reach price wise for most DJ's.

    So that's my initial thoughts of the new MK 7. Please remember I didn't play a single record on it, I only got touchy feely with it. Maybe in actual use they may perform better than my limited time with them, but as it stands, I'd give them an easy pass.
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    Unbelievable. They went cheap on it and ask top dollar. My main complaint about most Pioneer CDJ's is their cheap, thin plastic feel. Sounds like the MK7 is the same.

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    Just in case anyone missed it.

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    For shame, looks like ill hold onto my old Mk IIs then

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