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Thread: Best budget turntable

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    Best budget turntable

    I'm in need of a turntable that at the most can be $500. It's ok if the used price is lower. I'm ok with getting a hand me down.

    I've got a Denon DP-45F. It's been working fine until now. The arm is acting super weird. I've read up on it and trying to get it fixed would be a waste of time. Parts for this thing are nonexistent.

    Does anyone have ideas for a great TT? My entire system is built around vinyl so once this thing decides it's done it'll get quiet. Thanks

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    For $500 you ought to get a pair of used turntables.. the "OEM" ones out there (I have a pair of Reloop RP-5000M3D's which are ok, but no longer manufactured afaik) aren't that bad either from what I've read, basically they're all more or less Technics SL-1200mk2 copies (edit : I remember reading they are essentially same devices under different brands with different feature sets and torques) The plastic casing in some of them can cause some unwanted rumble but so is with practically any turntable on the market.

    I suppose you need cartridges too? That's roughly $100/pair minimum.

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    Any of following

    Technics SL 1200/1210 any Mk
    Vestax PDX 2000/3000
    Reloop RP 7000/8000
    Stanton STR8/ST 150

    Any of the OEM:-
    Citronic PD-45
    Pioneer PLX 1000
    Reloop RP 6000
    KAM (Cant remember the model)
    Synq X-TRM1

    Bargain Table that are over looked
    Gemini PT2000/2100/2400

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig Willis View Post
    Any of following
    You forgot about the extremely rugged and very reliable Numark TTX and Numark TT500.
    "In the early 1990s, the Bose AM-5 held some 30% of the US speaker market. Not Bose the company. Just the AM-5."

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    But that Audio Technica..

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