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Thread: Will there be any new genres or are we settled with it already?

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    All the genres are iterative, with bigger bumps when new musical instruments are invented/made affordable. We can definitely trace this whole thing back to amplified R&B. If we want to go further, we go to blues and jazz, which seem(??) to have developed separately. So because that's a split going backward, and normally going backward means a collapse into fewer genres, I'd be just as happy to call all of this music R&B (or Rock n Roll). Go forward to disco as disco meant any record meant to be played as a record among other records for its performance in a night, and you have another centrally binding point.
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    it could also be argued that Dub from Jamaica late 60's had a major influence on EDM. IDM, Dance Music, whatever you want to call it, with King Tubby & Scientist experimenting with bits of technology coming-out of the US ect, 'designed' for other things, and inventing a whole electronic sound in the process.

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    Quote Originally Posted by light-o-matic View Post
    LOL only house-heads think that everything is some kind of house

    But seriously "The Warehouse" only came into existence in 1977, meanwhile already TONS of new music was coming on strong at that time:

    Techno was here (Kraftwerk influenced everyone), techno did not come from house, house was influenced by techno!
    Disco was in full mainstream power (the movie Saturday Night Fever came out in 77)..
    "I Feel Love" came out in 77.. that track was influenced by techno and Italian disco, and in turn influenced EVERYONE..
    New wave / post punk.. synthpop was already coming up, world beat was a new thing (Talking Heads - Remain In Light came out in 1980).
    The whole new/wave+synthpop scene in the UK was coming up Bluestacks Kodi Lucky Patcher big time as a totally separate thing from US disco.. and definitely has as much if not more influence.
    Reggae became mainstream in the 70's then came ragga and ska..
    Hip-hop was already coming up in the 70's in NYC just not too many people knew about it yet...

    So yea the musical styles that came after that had a lot to feed off of, not just "House"
    lol exactly you have a very good informations thanks bro
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