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Thread: Ideal Cross-Fader cut in distance for scratching

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    Ideal Cross-Fader cut in distance for scratching

    Hi there,

    Ive been DJing vinyl for just over 20 years and occasionally practiced scratching but looking to get back into now. Im used to scratching on Pioneer mixers but looking to change. What is the ideal cut in distance for cross faders for scratching? The Pioneer mixers have quite a large cut in, probably about 3mm. I remember having shots of my friends Urei mixers but was unable to scratch on it as the cut in was super super tight.

    What distance do you guys prefer?

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    I like the stock crossfader in my Rane TTMS. (I have no idea what distance it has.)

    I think you can adjust the cut on some Innofader crossfaders.
    If that's the case you could just replace your crossfader with an Innofader that fits.
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