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Thread: Install mirror ball in place of ceiling lamp

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    IMO, this has code violations written all over it. I would suggest as shoot summ did; replace the lamp with a socket and plug it in that way. The power cord most likely comes out the side and not the bottom, so you don't want to pinch the wires between the box and the motor. Also, lamp/fixture wire does not have the same fire/code ratings as the wiring in the box and is always meant to be in open air and not closed behind something. If you do cut the plug off and strip to bare wire, you lose all of the warranty and safety certifications that the motor came with out of the box (if any). If anything did happen you would be 100% liable, without question. PLEASE CONTACT A LICENSED ELECTRICIAN OR CODE INSPECTOR.

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    How big a mirror ball? What type of ceiling construction?

    To pull AC power from a light fixture, I'd suggest using one of these.

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    It's also works as a Ground Lift for the motor too. Those motors are almost always good for a 60Hz hum.

    Good job Bill

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