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Thread: Behringer DJX900 USB + SOUNDCARD HELP

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    Behringer DJX900 USB + SOUNDCARD HELP


    I own a behringer djx900 usb mixer with integrated audio interface for recording and playback, so that is NOT soundcard and it doesnt work how I want. My question is would it work for me if I would have NI Komplete Audio 6 external souncard to run Traktors 4 decks on each channel of the mixer combined with 2 Traktor X1 to control the effects etc. That means I need soundcard with 4 stereo outputs to run them individuali in each mixer channel. So would it work?: DJX900 usb mixer+NI Komplete Audio 6+ Traktor Kontrol X1(2x) and PC running Traktor with 4 track decks.

    If you have any other suggestions please tell me, thaaankss

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    NI Komplete 6 only has enough outputs for 2 Traktor decks (ok, 3 if your mixer has digital inputs). NI Audio 6 (not the same as NI Komplete 6) on the other hand has enough RCA outputs for 3 Traktor decks.
    For 4 Traktor decks you need NI Audio 8 or Audio 10 (mk1 or mk2). In any case, some of those interfaces have driver support discontinued and may not work on newer versions of macOS. Check manufacturer website before purchase.

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