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Thread: Recording mix with DB4 / Ableton Live 10 / Mac OS Mojave

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    Lightbulb Recording mix with DB4 / Ableton Live 10 / Mac OS Mojave

    Hi all,

    new member / first time poster here, I been dj'ing 'seriously' for about 4 years now.

    This thread is for anyone who records straight from their mixer via a USB into a DAW who use MAC OS MOJAVE.

    I recently upgraded to Mojave (stupidly), after then I had to get a new ableton, and now everytime I record a mix sometimes it'll glitch out for like 10-15 seconds in the recording maybe 3-4 times in a 45 min period and just sound all broken/distorted. I tried messing with the latency settings to make sure everything would be fine and it still happened.

    What I'm curious to know is could this be an OS issue? I tried it with a different Ableton and had the same thing. I never had this problem with the OS before (I think I was on El Capitan before) - e.g do Allen & Heath drivers for the DB4 not really work with OS Mojave or could it be another issue? I feel like if it was the cable it would be a constant issue.

    I have to do some further testing but yeah

    I may try recording via audacity but unsure if that'll work!

    Any input welcome, I couldnt find a thread with answers on this site but I'm new here so maybe I just didn't find it lol!

    Anyway here's my mixes - [URL] link removed - please see rules/URL]


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    Welcome to DJF. Try it out with Audacity and let us know what happens
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    Greetings Ryan,

    IME, Audacity won't work with any MacOS post El Capitan because they (the developers of Audacity) haven't updated it to 64-bit yet. However, you should have another free programme that you can use to record your sets, it's called Garageband.

    I don't use Ableton (I tried it when it first came out and found it counter intuitive for the way that I worked, so I dropped it and never went back) but they have a very good reputation among the people that do use it and, I expect, they have a very good support mechanism, so you might want to contact them directly. Break a leg.

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