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Thread: Lets talk about Truss Crank Stands

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    Lets talk about Truss Crank Stands

    I have 15 ft of trussing that I use for my Rig. I have the Global ST-132 stands they are HEAVY!!! They are built like a tank but I really would like something lighter. I am looking at the Global Truss 3900's does anyone have any experience with these? How is the weight? Is it worth the upgrade from the ST-132's?

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    It looks like the 3900 is 9lbs lighter while also having 30lbs extra lifting capacity. It does look a bit cleaner too. Nice I suppose, but probably not worth an upgrade if you already have the 132's.

    Both are totally entry level and only good for 20' ft of truss with a few movers on them.

    If you really want an upgrade step up to the ST-157 or ST-180. Yes they are much heavier but they have casters which make moving them around much easier. And the outrigger system is much sturdier than the tripod system.

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