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Thread: Looking for a couple of moderators for DJF

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    I've been here every day since joining (even though I don't always post), but that was only a few months ago, so I don't expect that I meet your criteria. However, if you're still looking for mods in a year or so please consider my application.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Windows 95 View Post
    Although this is a really small forum (332 active members) without very many posts per day.
    I can tell you it's usually pretty time consuming to be a moderator.
    I've only been a mod for about a week now, and so far it's not as time consuming as I originally thought either. I log in, check my sections and if all is well, carry on. I have yet to perform any actual mod duties like give an infraction / warning, delete post ect. - one of the senior mods usually beat me to it - so I cant comment on that yet. Overall though, so far so good.

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