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Thread: German dubstep group??

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    German dubstep group??

    There is this Group of 3 dj's from Germany that out out a banger album around like 2011, 2012. The album cover has the three of them with their faces being blown by really hard wind, like how people put leafblowers in their face comically. The most popular song on the album has a music video of some sort of surreal parkour/fight in what I think was a junkyard? Either way the song and album are bangers, and for the life of me I can't figure out what the group, album, or song is called.
    Main points being:
    • Group of 3 german DJ's
    • Album cover with the three of them (black background)
    • song with really weird MV

    If anyone can figure out what the group is I will lose my mind cuz I cant find it for the life of me

    Edit: thinking about it, it could be anywhere between 2010-2014
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