Mix C - lots of real oldschool classics. It takes balls of steel to start any mix with Larry Heard. The mixing was OK, 7.5/10. Could have done more with the flow and the inclusion of the Soulsearchers and Armand track at the end threw things out a bit. If it stuck with jacking and old school all the way and was heavily blended...maybe ending on some Frankie, it would have been right up my street.

Mix A - Some classics, in fact a lot from my record boxes, so giving respect to the golden era of house. The mixing was perfected but I was not feeling the flow 100%. 90% maybe. And there were some nice drops throughout. The overall mix sounded just a little too trendy-cocktail-bar-handbag for me. Not that its a bad thing really, everything has its place. Would have prefered more dub versions or original mixes, but I can't complain.

Mix B - Bumping from start to finish. I couldn't place a lot of the tracks. Which could mean it is a Beatport top-ten mixed with the latest equipment, which can never be good. However, the phrasing was locked tighter than a nun on the rag. The type of mix that would pass in the club and get me bouncing after a few pints, and the flow presented well enough. I would have prefered more oldschool tracks and instrumentals, but its just a matter of taste.

I kinda wanna give it to mix A.
Mix B annd C are obviously should know they don't need a battle win under their belt at this point in their DJ career, the sets were tight.
But I have to give credit where its due.
So congrats Mr Mix B. Tracklist please!