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Thread: University Final Project

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    University Final Project

    Hello DJ friends,

    I'm currently undergoing a final year university project about raising awareness for hearing protection for DJs. As a big part of this project I will be conducting interviews with UK-based DJs on their knowledge on hearing protection and also their knowledge on NIHL (Noise Induced Hearing Loss)

    If anyone is willing to help me out please get in touch.


    - B

    p.s Sorry if it's the wrong subforum, delete if not allowed.

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    (Moderator note)

    I am leaving this thread up, as I support raising awareness for hearing loss and anything going towards that. Carry on people.

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    We normally close such surveys by low-post members, but I also approve this exception. Carry on, benevs. Good luck to you.
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    I have tinnitus... I know little about hearing protection, other than it exists. I know a bit about NIHL. I was hoping the Stem Cell research (that was proven to work some time back) would be Standard NHS with in the next few years... However, the more recent revelations that stems cells used in this way pose an increased cancer risk, has seriously held back progress. Should of been kind of obvious if you ask me. Cells left open to programming have more chance of being something we don't want.

    The problem with hearing protection is i think it will get in the way of me judging adequate volume... And, if I'm using it when the customers aren't, i'm sure that would make me liable, a clear sign there's an actual danger.

    The venues I work aren't that loud. Most of my damage is likely due to people screaming in my ears and Walkman in my teens. My right ear is worse than left, yet the big main speaker is to the left.
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