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Thread: Xone96 + DJS-1000

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    Xone96 + DJS-1000


    Apologies if this should go in the Mixers thread instead. I assumed this was a rather beginner type question.

    I am thinking of getting the Xone96 and pairing it with a Pioneer DJS-1000... Purely for home use.
    Is mixing A+H and Pioneer a bad move? Should I be sticking to a Pioneer mixer to get the most out of the DJS-1000 feature set?

    Will syncing be an issue between 96 and DJS?
    I assume if I eventually add a Pioneer CDJ, to pair with the DJS, I would then benefit from Pioneers sync feature.
    I will most likely be using other synths and audio sources for capturing sounds onto the DJS, rather than using a CDJ as I am still not sure if I will get a CDJ...

    When using the Xone96 with an audio source that I want full controll over on a particular channel, bringing that audio source in and out of a mix, will it be possible to record on the fly to the DJS-1000 from the assigned channel that the audio source resides on?
    Will I need a Pioneer Mixer to connect the devices in such manner?
    If that audio source needs to be connected directly into the DJS and not to the Xone96 (to be able to record into the DJS) does this mean I wont have control over the audio source with Xone96 channels?

    That said, am I an idiot not to go for a pioneer mixer? Im quite drawn to the Xone96...

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