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Thread: A newbie With a few Questions

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    A newbie With a few Questions

    Hi Guys, I just found this site and joined. Looking forward to learning from the best! I appreciate your time in advance!

    Ok here's where I am at. We will be doing a new youtube talk show at various venues across the US and they want me to play short music clips and also sound effects through the show at various times to make it more fun and get the audience more involved. So here are my questions.

    1. What free or low cost software should I use to make 2 playlists, 1 for short music clips (this will be played at different segments/segways through the show) and the other for short sound (for example people clapping, laughing,etc) effects? I say free or low cost because there is nothing more I need to do so its as basic as it gets. I do want it to be easy to set up the playlist for simple clicking on it to play. We want this on my laptop with a good external microphone (not sure which is good for that either) since I will be talking as needed and getting the crowd by welcoming in each guest?

    2. What is the best sites/ways to download music clips and sound effects? If I cant find specific clips to songs, what is the easiest way to shorten a song and add it to the playlist?

    3. Because we will be charging for the shows and it will be on youtube do I need to pay a fee or worry about any legal trouble playing any short clips (like 10 seconds or less) of any licensed songs? If so what should I do?

    Thanks again, any advice would go a long way!

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    Are you on a mac? Then use garageband. Are you on a PC? Then I dunno.

    You will need some kind of permission by the copyright holder (record label etc) to play copyrighted music. It doesn't matter how short your clip is.
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