Hi guys,

How is it going? Quick question, I feel like spinning some records to please ears of me friends on Facebook this Sunday. Especially since I got a new mixer with built-in sound card (DJM250MK2).
I did use that sound card to record a mix with help of Rekordbox DJ software, and by plugging a USB cable from the mixer to my laptop. I installed pluggins and software, worked well.

Now, I thought I could live on facebook, using laptop webcam for image and for the sound, using the mixer soundcard while it's plug to my computer via USB.

When starting a live on Facebook I have the option to choose the DJM as input for the sound. But broadcasting, and checking sound level on my phone, I do not hear any sound. (please see photos attached).Sans titre.jpg

How do you guys do to send sound from your mixer to your facebook live using your computer? Do I need to use one of the 2 master outputs from the mixer instead of the USB output?

Thanks for your help and feedback, highly appreciated! Have a great one