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Thread: Mixing on the One Beat

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    Mixing on the One Beat

    For those of you that beatmatch - do you introduce your next track on the first beat? Or do you slowly mix it in gradually after confirming you are on beat?

    Maybe it's genre-specific but recently, the mixes I've been hearing - the tendency is to slowly introduce the next track after the one beat.
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    You should be mixing in your new track into the playing track and then mix out of the outgoing track. Google phrase matching too.

    I think for the most part, dropping it on the one is mostly suited to hip hop and maybe when you have a big genre or bpm change.

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    Depends, I don't have a set formula

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manu View Post
    Depends, I don't have a set formula

    I should have made my post this way:

    What I usually do is...

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