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Thread: For Love or Money

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hygro View Post
    Reinvesting subs and lasers and upgrading speakers and getting some out of towners can't really be called "mainstreaming" it tho, can it?
    Investing in good sound is never a bad idea. Better sound makes any good event better.
    But it usually won't make a bad event good.. unless the sound you had really sucked.

    There are limits to how far you can go there.. if it's loud enough, making it louder won't necessarily grow your event. If there's enough bass, adding more bass won't necessarily grow your event. If it sounds good enough.. well.. you can always make it sound better.. and if you can, you should.. but again, doesn't mean you will be more successful.

    Adding lasers might not make your event more appealing to the people who really like your event. Maybe adding lasers appeals to a lot of people.. if you determine that lasers are going to bring in the crowd that not having lasers did not bring in.. then maybe you want to get some lasers. But do lasers change your event in a way that enhances the vibe you already have that makes your event as successful as it is right now? Or does it ruin that vibe.

    Throwing an event is an art, you can't just throw everything people might like in there and expect it to come out good. When DaVinci painted Mona Lisa he didn't say "hey, let me throw in a couple of dogs in the background because people really like dogs.. this painting will be much more successful with dogs"....

    Not every event can be successful as a mainstream event, that's what I'm saying. People come to your event vs other events for specific reasons, figure out what those reasons are and try to enhance them. If you just throw in what is popular.. whether it is lasers, different music, bigger names or whatever.. then that is gonna change the dynamic of your event and maybe help it or maybe kill it. Bigger is not always better.. it can be, but you can't count on it. For example maybe your out of towners that you attracted with your new lasers are guys who make all the girls uncomfortable and chase them away from your event.. then you are screwed. You need to have some kind of vision beyond just attracting more people with eye candy. I'm not saying that lasers are bad, lasers can be great, lighting can be great.. but people come for events not lights. Lights are there to help set the mood for the event.. if the lights are right for the event, that's great, if the lights aren't right for the event, that's bad.. the most expensive lights in the world won't make your event a success if they are the wrong type of lighting for the event.

    And hey I am a lighting designer (or.. was), I love lighting. But one of the most memorable nights I have had partying was at a techno party in a loft that was under construction, there were NO lights on the dancefloor, I mean literally none. There was one little light on the DJ's table so he could see the decks.. and that was the only light in the room. Then some candles in the hallway leaking light in.... It was super dark in there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlove View Post
    basically, yes. I WOULD be selling-out if I did that, as my natural focus is on a 'set the scene' vibe. Some people are clueless.
    Takes a truly gifted DJ to be able to do that. Fair play to you mate.

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    In response to Light-o-matic's post, this is something I cover with every client. Not only lights but venue & especially music.

    I try to discuss lighting & music in depth with every client. We have a few DJs in my area which I have been told that they do not allow the client to have any input in the music, nor do they take requests. They (the DJs) are professionals & they know what works. That is their mentality.

    While I wont argue, that they may know what works in certain situations, they don't know every situation. I can understand that they know what works in this club, but clubs are different than mobile & clubs differ from club to club. People go to this specific club because of the atmosphere, type & ages of people, the specific music etc, etc. But a DJ cant leave this club & go to the club down the street & play the same music & be successful. I learned this the hard way. Oh, true, you may have a club here & there that play the same genre, but that doesn't always make the 2nd club what it is, based on the 1st club's style. The reason people come to club 2 over club 1 is because there are some differences. They like club 2 better than club 1.

    In mobile DJing, you have to be very diverse. I play Country, Rock & Roll, Rock, Pop, Disco, Hip Hop & the list goes on, but that is the majority of what I play.
    I may play a mostly Country wedding this weekend with a mix of Hip Hop, next week I may play Classic Rock. The following week, I may play mostly current Pop & Hip Hop.

    If I played one or two styles of music & did not take requests or input from the client, there would be a LOT of clients & guests very disappointed in me.

    So, I agree with LOM that each client & each club is different & DJ's need to listen to their clients & use their knowledge to give the client the best product for their specific event. There is a big difference in a Frat party & a backyard BBQ birthday party. As well, there is a huge difference in a Halloween party & a Wedding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PerryCombover View Post
    Takes a truly gifted DJ to be able to do that. Fair play to you mate.
    thanks, but I dunno about 'gifted', more like a curse! I'd say most young people now want bangers back to back as soon as they get in the club, as up here, it's not open late enough to get the whole 'journey' into the set. Personally, I think clubs should open at 12.30am and close around 5.30/6am.
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