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    It's been a while DJF Friends I am looking for a legit CRM to use to track customers and leads. I would rather do a ready out the box solution with canned emails and tasks all using best practice for our industry. There is a problem though... I searched the forums... and NOTHING for the term "CRM"

    I look on google... NOTHING useful and the closest thing I can find is Event CRM

    I do mortgages/home loans for my day job and have built out a 150k custom CRM that we live and breath in from name and number of a lead all the way to closing and post funding follow up to generate a refi and more referrals. Obviously I do not need that however I find it hard to believe that the entertainment industry does not have anything awesome out the gate.

    My wife is a photographer and I helped her find and setup a Cloud based CRM called Shootproof- she sends initial bids, contracts to e-sign, pre-session questionnaires, photo albums for proofs, photo albums to download, and even built in photo print option that she sets up and makes a % of commission off of when she sells it. It auto sets up tasks for her and auto sends different emails based on the type of session the client books. Oh and it helps follow up and send specials out to past clients and gives a portal to enter in customer referrals that goes directly into the CRM as well. This was all setup in about 3 hours of initial setup out the box and cost $50/mo. It is great!

    Other than a google spreadsheet or excel and day planner, what tech/CRM/software are you guys using to automate your business and keep things
    1. streamlined to keep your sanity
    2. customer Point Of Sale to stand out and be different from other people
    3. automate follow up and maximize conversion of leads
    4. intake questionnaires for song requests, event or timeline details, etc.
    **Trying to avoid building from scratch from Zoho or Pipedrive with a bunch of outside integrations via Zappier. Will take a TON of time to build out and could get expensive for monthly subscriptions to everything.

    Currently- I have been using the same "System" for the last 12 years... word Doc for Reception/Ceremony Timeline, email PDF with manual contract to tell them to print/sign/scan back, email PDF email of DJ Intelligence top 200, and setup a new Spotify account for each event (NOT to play on, settle down!) for customers to create playlists of Must Plays, dances, dinner songs, IF they want more control. Or they opt out and I handle it all. And manually create a timeline for weddings in an excel spreadsheet and then email out to customer and all vendors. It is WAY too much to do, feels clunky to the customer, and there MUST be a better way!!!!

    /end rant

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    Are you using any technology leverage to help with point of sale, lead management, or follow up after the sale?

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