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Thread: Created a new technique you would like to share? I would love to hear it!

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    Created a new technique you would like to share? I would love to hear it!


    I’m really into turntablism and would like to learn some new DJ techniques, as I know pretty much all of the boring basics as well as many ( definitely not all ) of the advanced techniques too, so if you have invented your own technique or more can you let me know please, I would really like to learn your techniques. Have you created maybe a new take on a flare, a chirp, a crab scratch, etc.?

    Question 1) What do you call your new technique?

    Question 2) And how does one recreate your formula ? ( How can I reproduce what you have created with my mixer and turntables? Does one need specific turntables or a specific mixer for your technique? Is additional DJ equipment or other electronic music instruments needed for your technique?

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    - If not maybe people can mention their favorite DJ techniques and why you like it so much. Also do you incorporate it into your act ?
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    You need an effect, that kind of creates a loop. Serato has many of those. Like UFO or Noise Pulse.
    Noise Pulse creates a little Pulse. Depending on fx level it becomes deeper or higher and it ups the frequency with higher level. When I want to up the tempo in a techno set, I use the highpass filter. start turning the fx knob slightly and it creates this deep wubbering.
    I up the frequency and slightly up the high pass.
    Now I adjust the amount of beats the effect takes to double the amount it was before, so becomes 12.34.
    the dots are the time the pulse takes.
    As I do that, I start to slightly up the tempo and start bringing the bass back. This creates momentum. But also the feeling of the mix slowing down. Even though I am actually upping the tempo.
    I continue doing that, until the bridge ends.
    This process takes like 16 bars or something. People always go mad, when I do.

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    i play since about 2005, vinyl only, i do many techniques but i created them all myselfs, as a hugh dave clarke fan i tried to copie some of his stuff into mine, and i thing i created some cool new stuff you dont hear these days

    for example: i use the pioneer djm 600s, if you use the transform effect (for example 1/4): if you can cut fast with the channel- or crossfader(s) or line/phone knot (advised) during the transform effect, you will experience a very fast intermittent and rhythmic sound if you do it right, you need to practice it a lot. i can show it on video if you like, but i suppose, i can not put videolinks and stuff in here.

    greetz massie

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    I have an idea. Grab a notebook and write positive things and descriptive about your music making and if you write it then you can actually do it and it makes your style and move more real.

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