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Thread: Buying Dj Equipment Need Advice

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    Buying Dj Equipment Need Advice

    Hey, guys so I'm looking into buying my first Dj Controller. I'm currently looking into buying a DDJ-RX but keep going back and forth on whether I wanna use Rekordbox over Serato. I've Dj'd for a couple months now using my friends DDJ-SX so I'm quite familiar with Serato and that controller. What would you guys recommend going with the SX or RX and if I were to buy a used SX would it already have Serato or would I have to buy a subscription? I'm aware you don't get the full packs, either way, new or used but will you have the basic Serato. Thanks.

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    Hey mate - (Go Canucks!!!)

    I use RX and this is because I have a pair of CDJs and a DJS and I like having everything using the same system etc.

    As mentioned in another thread I started with Rekordbox purely to organize my tunes and found its functionality purely playing off a laptop without a controller very limited obviously. I had a think about whether I wanted to use Traktor, Serato or stick with RB when I bought my controller and decided that, given that they are broadly similar and the major differences between are things that don't really matter to me, that I'd stick with RB so I bought the DDJ-RX.

    It is a great piece of equipment and I very much enjoy using it. It sits alongside my CDJs and mixer as a third and fourth deck basically so I can play off laptop anytime I want and USB the rest of the time. Its accurate enough for what I want from it and the controller itself is great. Its got some nice features that my mixer doesn't have so especially as regards loops and FX it sometimes makes sense to switch to the controller for a certain tune.

    I like having the optionality. I also like not having to lug my CDJs and mixer everywhere when I play houseparties and outdoor gigs etc. The controller is ace for that.

    Most here will recommend Serato but I would say don't rule out RB if you use other CDJs etc - its nice having everything in one place.

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    The question you should ask yourself is "Do I plan on playing in clubs?". If the answer is yes, I would try and stick to the Pioneer RekordBox ecosystem because, in my opinion, it is a pain in the a$$ to keep up with two separate libraries.

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