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Thread: Buying Dj Equipment Need Advice

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    Buying Dj Equipment Need Advice

    Hey, guys so I'm looking into buying my first Dj Controller. I'm currently looking into buying a DDJ-RX but keep going back and forth on whether I wanna use Rekordbox over Serato. I've Dj'd for a couple months now using my friends DDJ-SX so I'm quite familiar with Serato and that controller. What would you guys recommend going with the SX or RX and if I were to buy a used SX would it already have Serato or would I have to buy a subscription? I'm aware you don't get the full packs, either way, new or used but will you have the basic Serato. Thanks.

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    Me personally I'm a new dj as well and I've been doinng this for a couple of months so far. My first piece of advice for you will be to consider how serious you are about moving forward with DJing. If you are very serious and want to start doing live events quickly than I'd say to go with a controller that is a step above a beginner controller. My first controller that I boght was a Numark Mixtrak Platnium, which is a really great beginner controller, but once I got past the beginner phase about two months down the line, I started noticing how small and limited that controller was. I just purched a DDJ-SZ used about a month ago and theres so many bells and whistles that comes with it that it might take me another couple of months before I;m able to start to fully master it. So with that being said , if you are looking to progress qickly and start djing in fromt of crowds as in weddings, parties, bars, karaoke nights, clubs and what not then i would recommend starting out with a mid range controller. In my opinion, while rekordbox is a great program that might surpass serato in the future, most people are still more familiar with serato, so I wouldnt recommend buying a rekordbox only controller as your first one. Next is that since you are just starting out, you might want to experiment a little bit with different djing software to figure out which ones you like the best. Me personally, I prefer Virtual DJ way much over Serato. To me it is so much easier to load your music libray on the program and easier to search through songs on VDJ than serato. Also VDJ has automix, which will automatically mix your playlist for you and keep the music going for whenever you have to step away from your booth, or when you're at events where you as a dj have more tasks to do than just mixing, such as a wedding or a triva night where you have to make anouncements and help with the flow of the event. VDJ can also play karaoke songs where I don't think that serato can and VDJ also supports Videos. Apperently serato does videos now but I havent had the need to use their software in a while so I havent checked it out. For you I would recomend using the pioneer DDJ SR2. Its a step above their entry level controller and it also comes with Serato Pro, so that way you won't have to pay any extra for the Serato software pro version. Theres also more features than the entry level controllers, so you won't feel like you're outgrowing it quickly. You also won't look like a total beginner if you show up to an event with that controller either. Then from there you can decide which other software you would like to use being rekordbox, VDJ, or Traktor, but to start out with I would recommend a universal one like the one I recommended.

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    If it is just a choice between Rekordbox or Serato DJ. I would go with Rekordbox.
    Occasionally Serato DJ doesn't play nice with AMD computers.

    I had that problem with my DDJ-SR when I went from an Intel PC to an AMD PC. And when I looked online a lot of other people were having the same problem with Serato DJ.

    Serato Scratch Live is another story. I've never had any problem with SSL.
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