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    Track suggestions

    Hey guys!

    So I'm new to DJing, ive been spinning R&B/hiphop/top40 in venues around town and have now been asked to do a set at a shisha bar, its a real nice chill bar which gets lots of sun and its a sunday session. Normally they have chill/deep house, this isnt my area i don't know this genre to well. I don't want to play stuff thats to chill, but not to full on. Some nice upbeat deep house i reckon would do the trick, maybe some nice remixes of popular songs mixed with some nice upbeat non vocal tracks. I've found a couple of jazz house tracks im keen to play, so yeah pretty much just posting for some suggestions on nice deep house producers, tracks that wont put people to sleep but will have them moving in their chairs. I've been told to just play to the crowd I don't have to stick to this genre but i've been there quite a few times its pretty much all they play. I've got a good library, i guess now its time to start building the house side of it!


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    You might check out Miguel Migs, he has some tunes I really like.

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