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Thread: Phase DVS devices

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    (Linus youtube guy is saying batteries are NEVER coming back. For that statement to be true, they would need to be gone in the first place - tech guy broke an iMac then tried to flog it for repairs under guarantee. The mark of a true tech guy. As shown above, he's clearly not aware of new oncoming EU regulations)

    Anyway different subject, we're talking battery powered DVS tech. While it gets rid of the RCA cables, it adds the need to pay double for the gear so you don't get stuck because the cable free gear has limited autonomy. Battery powered stuff applied to equipment you can't move anyway. I can appreciate a wireless transmission on a guitar, because the player needs to move, but a wireless transmission on a fixed setup that weighs the best part of a 100 pounds, not so much.
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    So it's been about a year or so that the phase devices have been out. Are the bugs now fixed?

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    they have been slowly fxing all the bugs. so far so good. but a small % of ppl r stilll seeing bpm flutter every now and then
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