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Thread: What happened to Wrecked? An on-line record seller, trying to track down.

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    What happened to Wrecked? An on-line record seller, trying to track down.

    Apologies to the people I got in squabbles with on these forums, but I’m cool now. So if you’re cool with me too, let’s be friends again. Peace


    There used to be an on-line record store called Wrecked, I’m not sure what the websites name was for sure, but I do know the store was called Wrecked. I believe it was owned by just one man, but he had thousands of electronic music records. Wrecked had everything I ever needed and now it seems he’s off the map, can’t find him anywhere on-line. Best shop I ever went to for electronic music records.

    In fact it used to be listed in this forums ‘list of record stores’ but it’s now missing from that list as well. This was a long time ago so you new guys probably don’t remember Wrecked, but some of the older guys who have been here for awhile might of remember Wrecked? In fact Wrecked was listed somewhere at the top, if not the very top, of the list of on-line record stores listed in these forums. I’m sure moderators, administrators who have been here since the beginning of this awesome forum remember Wrecked? I hope so.

    If not does anyone know an online electronic music store that sells all genres of electronic music (that is not listed on the forums list of record stores)?

    Thank you
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