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Thread: Technics mod with Numark TTX tonearm system

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    Technics mod with Numark TTX tonearm system

    I have been digging for the life of me in DJ Forums and on Google and I cannot find a photo of this mod for the life of me. Several years ago I came across a shop's website (which I believe is based in Texas) where they did turntable modifications and DJ mixer reconditioning. Specifically, they did a mod where they installed Numark's interchangeable tonearm onto a Technics SL-1200.

    I thought I saw a photo here on DJ Forums of a turntable with that mod. I just needed a photo for a video essay I am doing (with permission of the owner of course).

    If anyone remembers this shop's website, or name, or have a photo of this mod, please leave it in the link below. Thanks in advanced.
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    Quite a popular arm mod is installing a Rega arm. If you Google it, you'll find a few. They are really good on a 1200/1210. I've never heard of a Numark arm being installed, probably for good reasons.
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    I've seen that mod, and it's pure crap. They simply mount an SME cartridge mount where the wand is supposed to be, and screw a TTX armwand on. The PROBLEM is that the geometry for both the straight and S-shaped TTX tonearm wands mounted on the Technics armbase will be about an inch off (the S-arm is already a bit off on the TTX), therefore making the arm perform worse.

    I might have a piture saved on my old laptop. I'll take a look.
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