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Thread: Question about keys

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    There's also so many other dimensions than "key". The moment someone releases the software "mixed in groove" everyone's gonna start organizing their song's by the Wheel of Swings.
    I suppose it's like any other exercise; strength lies in practicing the unusual positions *earyoga

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    exactly i think you said all thionkg about this
    all bests friend thanks
    The main problem with that huge bit of text by me you've just quoted is... Hardly anybody would have the faintest idea what i'm going on about. Unless, they were present with me and I could show them. Those who have experienced first hand what I'm going on about (which will be rare) will know exactly what I mean. A lot of my concepts are very hard to put into words.

    Edit: the main take away is google, Relative Pitch vs Perfect Pitch. Interesting subject. Most of us hear relative and science thinks it's impossible to learn Perfect unless holding onto it from birth.

    Someone who hears perfect pitch would instantly notice a track they know well wasn't at the original speed (vinyl style). Relative not so!!!
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