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Thread: Copyrighting your track?

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    Copyrighting your track?

    Long story short, I have been asked a few times for a beats/tracks I have produced. I want to copyright the tracks before sending them out. I am not sure what type of copyright to get when asked for the type of work. I see some people suggest using "performing arts" copyright and others saying "sound recording" copyright. As person on a budget I rather not file booth.

    From my research a sound recording copyright is when the track is completely finished. In my situation I am still looking for a vocalist.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    I would suggest you to upload your track on SoundCloud and make it private, and usually when you send demos ,labels rather will open a private link then download a file. On top of that you can decide whether you make it downloadable for people you sharing your song with or not. It can work as a proof. Otherwise i have no idea how to do that being on a budget.

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    I wouldn't worry about it too much... If someone does rip you off and doesn't make any money, it's pointless suing. If someone makes a bit of money, it would cost you too much in time and effort (and money) to do anything about it. If your song gets huge (which is highly unlikely) they'll pay you anyways or simply remake your idea, not sampling it and pay publishing rights instead (Google: SAMPLE REPLAY, you'll be surprised how many big songs and artist have used them).

    It's much better to concentrate on your next, even better track, if your beats have what it takes, labels will want you... let them worry about copyright. Dealing with labels is another story, they can easily rip you off.

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    You might consider joining the RIAA. They have an active IPR Enforcement Program that will help you protect your work. You can also contact them and they'll help you copywrite protect your work.

    Too many DJ pirate other peoples work and its just like taking money out of the Producer's Wallet.
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    don't send it out until it's done.

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