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Thread: Liking your own music you produce?

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    I used to a vocal start to my radio sets, now I just have an intro drop and go from there. I don't like the sound of my own voice.
    good idea, yet there's some times I have to be specific with info'. I have thought about getting a few name-drops done so I can add them to my online mixes

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    I've been producing music for three years now (not including a month or two just messing with FL Studio and not actually deciding to learn making music), and after about a year, I was confident that I could actually send some music to others, because I had a few positive words of encouragement from some people. I still have the first few tracks which I really liked from then, but I just can't bring myself to finishing it, while I work on newer music all the time. But in general, I like about half of my music, and really enjoy just a couple of tracks.
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