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Thread: What USB drive is this?

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    What USB drive is this?

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    What USB drive is this?

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperUltra View Post
    Cool lookin’. Could be home made?... If you search “rhinestone flash drive” on, there are a few similar, but not that one. If you were going to make one, though, the happy face is a pretty simple design.😊

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    Thanks, but I meant just the flash drive cause I saw pioneer dj on it, I am just looking for the normal flashdrive with no rhinestones, and yeah I think it was homemade

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    For those that don't want to follow the link... from the Pioneer DJ thread:

    You don't want those drives - they were made for promotional purposes only and aren't very good. They look good, that's about it.
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    Just pick up a PNY. I've never had any problems with that brand.
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